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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Otitis Externa Hints

Otitis externa is a common occurrence during the summer due to swimming and increased sweating with the heat. It is an inflammation of the auricle, auditory canal and outer surface of the tympanic membrane. It is intensely painful and often resistant to treatment. The majority of cases are unilateral with itching and pain being the predominant symptoms. Sometimes the swelling can be so severe that one must place a wick so that the medication can actually reach the inner canal.

Medications used to treat the condition include the following:

Ofloxacin otic- 10 drops to affected ear BID x 7 days for adults. (5 drops bid for peds)
Cipro Otic - 3 drops to affected ear BID x 7 days (age older than one year)
Cortisporin Otic- 4 drops to affected ear tid/qid x 10 days. (Pedi Otic 3 drops tid/qid)
Auralgan- 2-4 drops tid/qid prn for pain.

Oral meds may need to be used in diabetic patients who are resistant due to increased glucose levels.